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Oskar Eriksson's victory at the Swiss Cup Basel

09.10.2012 by Markus Rindlisbacher (comments: 0)

It was the final of the two teams which qualified through the A-road which means that both teams reached the quarterfinals undefeated.

The young swedish team from lit with Oskar Eriksson, Kristian Lindstroem (4), Markus Eriksson (2) and Christoffer Sundgren (1) defeated Switzerlands Mario Freiberger in the quarterfinal and the only canadian team of Mark Dacey in the semifinal to reach the sunday afternoon showdown.

Sven Michel from Switzerland showed with his victory at Baden Masters in September that his team is in excellent shape already and reached the final with wins against Thomas Dufour and Andreas Lang.

The close final was not decided until the last end in which the swiss team could only score one point instead of 2 which would have brought them the extra end.

The CCT ranking so far is a big battle between the best swiss and swedish teams which are ranked on the top 4 places with Sven Michel on top, followed by Oskar Eriksson.

Niklas Edin lost 3 of 4 games at the Swisscup and didn't made it into the playoffs, but is still ranked in the top 3.

The next men's event will be the Curling Masters Champéry, taking place from October 26 to 28 in Switzerlands Mountain Area.

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